5 Best Affiliate Programs

Best-Affiliate-ProgramsI am going to use the word best in this title, however I feel favourite is better (but for SEO purposes best was a better choice). I recently have been looking for some affiliate programs for my blog. I want to make some side cash, just to keep my portfolio and blog running, as well as possibly investing in some things for this little side business of mine. So after hunting down some affiliate programs, and picking the ones I really like (and currently have on my website) I have created a list, describing to you how they work.

Every affiliate program I have chosen to work with deals with the topics I discuss in my blog, which means most of them are content writing, resume writing, business related, web hosting related, and even some paid WordPress theme sites that I truly support. One thing about having ads on your site is you want to make sure they reflect what you offer. Fashion bloggers usually have shops, beauty bloggers usually have make up ads, and so on. No one is going to use them or even bother checking them out if they have nothing to do with what you talk about. You need the right audience to get the results you want to see.

I recently read a post on Elle & Company about Passive & Active Income. It really got me thinking. The blogging part of this website, interacting, designing, and reply to comments is the part I love. So why not make a little cash to keep the boat afloat. I actively blog, for my own pleasure and so making some passive income makes complete sense. So below here is my list of the 5 Best Favourite Affiliate Programs. 

Namecheap – I buy all my domains from Namecheap and have had an awesome time with their support staff. They are so helpful and innovative so I had to sign up for their affiliate program. You can get various sized banners, and text links. All of this just has to happen through your current account with them. As an affiliate, you earn 15% commission every time a new customer enters Namecheap via your link and makes their first purchase. Payouts occur 30 days after the purchases, so you have to wait a little to receive your money.

HireWriters – They are a content writing site, which offers various types of content services. Perfect for those who really do not know how to write SEO for their business sites. I love their product and the reviews and so I decided to sign up to be an affiliate. Since the write content I figured it would match the type of articles I write about like getting a web presence for your business online. Earn $5 for each client you refer that makes a deposit plus 50% of the future net profits. There is 6 month cookies which means if a user you referred buys other products within 6 months you get more commission! They do direct deposit, mail cheques, and Paypal. This is all through ShareASale, so you must sign up through there. You get paid monthly and they keep a report of traffic so you can see who really clicks those advertisements.

Datafeedr – “Datafeedr makes it easy to build and embed an affiliate store into your WordPress blog.” They have quick support and really nice products. Everything is user-friendly and you do not need knowledge of programming to use their products. Their affiliate program is also pretty sweet, you earn 35% recurring commissions for everyone who becomes a member through your link. They payout using Paypal, and they use ShareASale where you can get banners, text links, keep track of traffic, and check on your payouts.

StudioPress – This is a company that creates premium templates for WordPress. The packages they sell are like WordPress themes on steroids and they have literally every feature you could ever want. They also create themes that have Genesis framework. If you want to have complete control and lots of options, (for a small business) these guys are great. As an affiliate, you side up and place a link or banner on your site. You can also do product review if you get in contact with them. Standard commission rate is 35% of the purchase price of their theme packages, which range from $24.95 to $349.95. They also have some other incentives. In order to be approved you must sign up and apply through ShareASale.

Treehouse – I took the free Treehouse trial and fell in love. However I already pay for university so paying for a subscription with them is something I cannot afford to do with school. Since I often write about web develoopment I figured this company would fit my users perfectly, if they want to learn more and learn at their own speed this is perfect for them. You must sign up through ShareASale. Commission works as follows: 30% for Silver Annual memberships, 20% for Gold Annual memberships, 50% for the first-month on Silver and Gold, $3.00 for Free Trial Offers. Treehouse also works with ShareASale, (big hint you should definitely get an account with them).

One other important mentions, that did not make the cut, (but kind of did):

Google AdSense is always a hit and miss. If you have consistent blog views and readers each day this one will work really good! On the other hand if you bounce up and down dramatically day to day (usually my blogging days hit 70% higher than days I do not blog), then it may not work as well.

Creative Market is another one I use. I am currently attempting to get a shop on the website, to sell templates, and premade themes. In the meantime I am an affiliate. They are awesome and they support their artists and creative minds so much, it is insane. You earn 10% of every purchase for an entire year from all new customers you refer.

Lastly Izea, I use them for some of the sponsored posts you see. I used them back in 2011, only for sponsored posts, so we will see how good their affiliate program is. I had done about 5 posts and made $50 easily. Just took a while for them to chose people who match my website content, but the more active you are the better sponsors you will get.

I have yet to get a payout from any of these sites (as I recently started with them) so this post is completely unbiased and based on how they work with their affiliates and the reviews they have gotten. As you know though I love to pose a question at the bottom of the post. So here is my question for you today!

Do you use any of these? If not which sites work best for you? 



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