About the Girl

My name is Domenica. I am extremely expressive (at least in person), sarcastic, a perfectionist, slightly, and I have huge dreams. I love to code, photograph, film, travel, and take in all the precious moments in life. I live in Winnipeg, and I am an employed university student.

I am currently attempting to make a name for myself in the online world through my portfolio and blog, but when I am not working on that or my other two jobs or studying for university I am building up a small business Adriano Lawn Care & Snow Removal, which was founded in October 2014.

It all started with a bang… No not literally, but it did start by a simple google search. I have always been a tech kid, glued to the computer playing sesame street games from the age of four, moving up to bigger and better games like Hercules and FIFA. Surprisingly enough I never turned out to be a gamer, I did however start to get create the minute I got my hands on MS Office. In the end graphic art was not my calling either. I came across a blog, and fell in love with web development and blogging and have been on this journey since 2009.

I also met a boy in 2009, who was quite shy at take your kid to work day, and for some insane reason we both kept in touch over the years. That same boy is the boy I really got to know in my senior year, and asked to my graduation. He later decided to kiss me that July, and in January 2014, a whole new chapter began. Since then Christopher, (also known as the boy) has been my number one support, and we have wound up on an amazing journey together.

In December of this year we added a little runt to our little family, an guinea pig with a pretension name. he acts like it but at the end of the day he is still a loving fur ball. I document his life on Instagram occasionally.

The best way to get to know me though is through my blog, and although this is the third home of my blog. I also have a bucket list if you are interested.

Quick Facts

I started blogging when I was 14. I am currently 20 years old.I was named after my grandfather.I am of Italian heritage.I met my boyfriend in 2009 at take your kid to work day. Over the next 5 years we became great friends.Finally January 9, 2014 he asked me out. (Some pictures below)I am currently working two jobs.I am in university for Applied Computer Science.I may have set a goal to also get my BA in Geography & Cartography.I started a business with my boyfriend in October 2014.I wish to travel the world, with the love of my life.