My Reads

This used to be the it thing back in the day, linking back to the blogs that people were friends with, with a goal of hoping to get more comments. So I figured I would just keep track for myself here on the my reads page, so I do not have a bookmarked list that is too large to handle.

I currently use feedly for my RSS feed. (Slowly switching to Bloglovin) I was never really into RSS feeds but I feel like it will help me keep everything more organized now that my life is more chaotic.

Personal Web Development & Small Business
Three Bicycles Zephyr-Ware
Hey Georgie Duove
CorylDork CodyHouse
Colorfulistic Strange & Charmed
Life As Rose by Regina
Krisophical The Branded Solopreneur
Empfire Erika Gibson
AnnaMarie Ladlad Julie Harris Design
Jovers Elle & Company