Adriano Lawn Care & Snow Removal

Timeline October 2014 – March 2015

The perks of being a family member of mine, or in this particularly case a boyfriend is that if you want to open a business, I have you covered. Besides the cost of materials, since I help to run this small business I took on the project as part of regular operations. For this project the branding, web development, social media strategy, and even the stationery were created.


Adriano Lawn Care & Snow Removal is a local Winnipeg business founded in October 2014. They offer lawn care and snow clearing service, and pride themselves in their customer servicing and satisfied clients. Their vision is to easily portray their brand and services to potential customers through a stunning stationery, brand identity, and responsive website.


  • Services be the focus of the layout.
  • Visually appeal to clients through a clean layout and design.
  • Have a memorable logo to create a brand identity with.
  • Easy access to information about services and contact information
  • Pattern for all social media, stationery and website pieces to work together.


  • Responsive web design for easy access.
  • Logo and other graphics are at least 300 dpi for various uses later.
  • Show the service area on the home page.
  • Include gallery of previous work.
  • Simple to navigate and find contact information.
  • Contact form for direct emailing from the website.
  • Stationery & social media collateral pieces that match the website branding.

Prototypes & Design Process

The design process for this was rigorous. We began with defining our company and from there our logo creation began. I knew I wanted something with flat design, but light colors in it, especially green and blue. I originally came up with two ideas that never got finished, but once I had my “light-bulb” moment, I knew it was the one. From there I created two versions of the logo with alternative positions for the text.

The next step was to create the stationery items also known as the collateral items. With the logo already done, I was able to create a basic color palette, which was later used for the website, and the social media images. For this project a business card, flyer, invoice, pricing catalog and letterhead was created.

The next step was to create the website. The website is built with Bootstrap as the framework. There are nine pages in total on the website. The portfolio/gallery page on the website was designed with a light box in mind. It is built from scratch using jQuery. The entire website is responsive.


Once the stationery items were completed, they were ordered through VistaPrint and received within 10 business days. Next social media accounts were created and the social media images were implemented into the pages. Finally a domain was purchased and hosted, and the live site was launched in March 2015. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was implemented into the website before it was uploaded and launched. The last step was to claim the business through Google but using their business services, to enhance search results.

Adriano LS Case Study


The responsive design makes it easy for anyone to access the information. It also helps that there are visuals throughout the website that make information and examples clear to the potential customer.The only thing I would change is to note use Bootstrap for a site that only contains 9 pages. The timeline for this project also took a while, however that was because it was for myself and I developed the brand as we developed our company, so both could grow together. Overall I am really proud of this project. If you want to see more of my work or the live site please see the links below!

View the live website. 

View the summary on my portfolio. 

  1. September 02, 2015 by Nancy

    It’s great that you got to take part of a business and helped plan out a big chunk of it. A clean and functional website is the best kind of website, it gives a good first impression and makes people want to explore more. I’ve seen plenty of business websites that looks horrible and I clicked [x] right away. Does the business use an ERP of some sort to take care of the internal functions like sales order, accounting stuff, and etc?

    Hope the business goes well!

    • October 05, 2015 by Domenica

      Currently I am using spreadsheets for accounting, booking, and customer information. Hopefully I would like to purchase software, or create my own. Probably purchasing will be better, or finding a free one that fits. Eventually as I look through ones I will probably not find one sufficient for landscaping businesses and go out and create my own. Could make a huge side business out of the main business if you think about it! 😀

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