Building Up: Define Your Audience

Welcome to another post in my mini series, Building Up a Small Business. In today’s segment we are going to discuss how to define your target audience, the perfect customer as some might say. There are several things to consider when defining your audience. By defining your audience you will be able to market your services, products and brand better. You will also be able to add a section to your business plan with this analysis of your perfect customer as well! Understand the problems you are solving. You already know what services you are offering, so what exactly do these services and products help to do. What do they offer to the customer that they cannot get anywhere else. Think about why exactly someone may need this product/service. For example where I live in Canada the snow is insane some winters and not so much others. So we offer a flat rate, which is what most snow clearing companies do.
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Top 5 Places to Eat in Winnipeg

Source Christopher and I went through a huge phase where we went on a restaurant eating spree last year. This year we have tried to choose places that are new to both of us, and yet limit our spending on going out to eat. I figured for today I would write my top 5 places to eat in Winnipeg so far. This list will change, and I will probably make a new one by this time next year. Anyway let us get to the list. I should clarify this list has to do with food, there are no beverage or desert places on this list. I will make one of those lists in the coming weeks! Note: There are no chain restaurants here. I wanted to choose local restaurants that are not anywhere else. As much as I love Hy’s and the Keg I wanted to keep it extremely local. 
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