Full Screen Overlay Menu

I have finally implemented the menu I have wanted to go with this layout since the moment I made this theme! With that I had to learn from jQuery syntax (I am much more comfortable with JavaScript) and with that I wanted to make a tutorial! The ending of this tutorials is how to implement it into a WordPress theme, since it was quite confusing on how to do this based on other tutorials.Below is what the final result looks like. You can visit my Codepen account and grab the code, or you can continue to read and learn how it works, as well as how to implement it to WordPress. See the Pen qdYRYM by Domenica (@domierosina) on CodePen.
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Building Up: Customer Service Etiquette

Have you ever been to a restaurant that took forever to seat you, or had a waitress/waiter that barely was around, or had your food come hours late. I have had all three, and considering I also worked in a restaurant for several years I never made the same mistake. Of course you are always going to have one screw up, especially on those busy nights, whether it is a delivery with the wrong address by a number, or an order that forgot to substitute one topping off a pizza. I have had some rough nights, nights where I drove home in tears because I was so upset with how I did, or how the situation ended. After all those bad nights, I learned how to make a bad situation turn around. The biggest foundation I had that helped me from day one was the Golden Rule: Treat others how you want to be treated.
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