9 Things Not to Say to a Creative Professional

As an entrepreneur, there are going to be instances where you realize you cannot do it all. You will often outsource many creative parts of your business, especially if that is not your forte. The purpose of this post, is to help guide you and help you not to make certain comments. People tend to act like a deer in headlights when they deal with creative professionals. It is like dealing with your financial planner really, there are unwritten rules, or etiquette that can be followed. So below here are 9 Things Not to Say to a Creative Professional. “It’s a small project and super easy. This shouldn’t take long.” There is a reason you chose this designer, there is also a reason that you are not taking on this project on your own. You are leaving your business in someone’s hands, and if you did your research right, you have chosen someone who is capable. Please never start an inquiry email stating that this project will only take x amount of hours. Most likely it will not. There are many reason’s your designer will make a timeline. Probably because they work on other projects at the same time, and they […]
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How to Save for a Trip

Next summer Christopher and I are planning to visit the Azores, in Portugal. Particularly São Miguel, and possible Lisbon for 3 days. We are going for two weeks so we will see how the Lisbon part goes. I may have mentioned this on Twitter, but I am not entirely sure. I wanted to talk about at some point saving for a trip. We have already figured out the hotel we are going to be staying at, and the cheapest day to fly, which happens to be a Wednesday. It is half price compared to traveling on any other day. Since we cannot fly directly from where we are, we have to take a plane to Toronto and then take SATA Airline to the island. If you were not aware, TAP is going through some issues, and so SATA is the safer choice.
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