Which Framework is Right for You

All this talk about frameworks the past two Wednesdays, and yet we did not talk about what qualities you should look for when you chose to use one. Many businesses have their favourites and ask that you as a potential employee are comfortable around them and can work with them. In this article we are going to outline the five questions you should ask yourself when determining which framework to use on a project. Does the framework have enough popularity? Popularity will open a lot of opportunities for you personally. It will offer you support from a community that has a variety of skills and experience. It will also offer you up to date files, with glitches fixed quickly. There is also a higher chance that companies are looking for people familiar with this framework.
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15 Things to Do When Business is Slow

A business is never slow, let me correct that, you should never have downtime with your business, unless you are on vacation (even then you should probably check emails in the morning with some coffee). So to get some more business going, even when you may be in that awkward in-between. So below are 15 Things to Do When Business is Slow, to get the ball rolling. Write an actual business plan. Unless you took out a loan, let’s be honest, you never wrote a proper one. Do not know where to start? Read my articles here. Round up some testimonials from your favorite clients. Through email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Get new business cards. Had your business card design since the beginning of time. Why not make them look new, or check on your stock, update the information and order some new ones. Update your website. You should be doing this on a regular basis, because things always change. Update your services section, about you section and other pages you feel need some love.
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