5 Reasons Your Website Needs an Upgrade

Many people underestimate the fact that websites need to be updated, and not just every 5 years, but on a regular basis. A face lift should not only happen with design, but also with content on a regular basis, whether it is monthly, quarterly or yearly. You should also be reviewing your search engine results and user experience through Google Analytics, or something similar. This will give you an idea of where you are going right and wrong and when your content may need a huge review. So here are 5 reasons your website needs an upgrade. It’s not mobile friendly. Does your site work and look friendly on all devices, like tablets and smart phones. With more and more people using touch screen devices, and moving away from bulky computers, you need to have a website that is designed be easy to get information and also legible on all screen sizes.
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Building Up: Advertising Tips & Tricks

Advertising can be a tricky scenario, so the next part of the Building Up series is all about it. Here are a few advertising tips and tricks that you can modify along the way. Get Online & Active Invest in a web presence. This doesn’t mean you need to pay someone to do everything for you, rather make your social media accounts and do some research in creating a website. Build a plan for what you want so that you can be educated when you look into a web developer to build your website. Some good things to include are free tutorials, a blog, or even interactive features to get visitors engaged and interested in who you are and what you offer.
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