5 Places to See in Cosenza, Italy

In honor of having traveled to my gorgeous homeland of Italy one year ago, I thought I would write a post (or maybe a few) about some of the top five things to see and do in the places I have been. Some of the places I have visited multiple times. Some may be high-class tourist places, while others are in heart of the country, the untouched tourist areas. For today’s entry I want to write about my home province of Cosenza, located in the region Calabria. So here is the 5 places to see in Cosenza! Corso Mazzini Strip(Cosenza city) – If you are going to be in Cosenza, Calabria, you might as well visit the capital city, ironically named Cosenza. There you can find a coffee & gelati shop on every corner, grocery stores tucked away in buildings you would never believe, and a fashion strip, where you can find almost anything your heart desires, this is known as Corso Mazzini. One of the perks of Corso Mazzini compared to the mall (however the mall does have great bathing suit shops)  in the city is the huge brands like Armani, Gucci, and more can be found down the strip, either by their […]
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7 Things I Learned as a Computer Science Student

Going into my third year in September I have learned a lot of things, some of them are ridiculous and others are quite helpful in the long run. So here is my list of 7 Things I Learned as a Computer Science Student. Never Buy a Textbook I know it is on the required list, but do not rush out to buy it and spend an arm and a leg. Google it, you will find a PDF or even an eBook for free as the first hit, and the best is you saved $100 a textbook. As you go through the semester you will notice that it just ended up collecting dust anyway because no reading assignments were given. it is more of a reference, so get the electronic version, save $500 a semester.
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