Business Plan 101 – Part 4

The last bit we will cover in this four part mini-series is how to format our business plan, what it will be used for, and where to place those extra papers that are supportive of your business plan but are not key. If you are just getting here now you may want to start from the beginning. Here are parts one, two, and three. Now before we get started on organizing the document, we need to acknowledge the Executive Summary I told you to ignore before. An Executive Summary is: Brief but comprehensive synopsis of a business plan or an investment proposal, which highlights its key points and is generally adapted for the external audience. Source. This is written last because it basically becomes what investors will base their impression on. Therefore you want to plan everything in detail first so we can add in all our important key features. There are several main points that it should include and it is probably best to have them in this order as you put your thoughts together.
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Blog Time Capsule

I wanted to write a blog post about where I see myself a few months after I graduate university, so I can come back to this post and compare where I am then to where I thought I would be (if that makes any sense at all). So first I will start with where I see my education, then career, and then some extras. So to dear future Domenica, in 2017 lets see how you stack up to these expectations. In 2017 most likely in May when graduation occurs, I see myself graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science, hopefully with honors. As an added bonus since I really did not know what else to take for courses I predict myself having a minor in Human Geography, and if things go a certain way most likely a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. I guess geography is in my blood, my mother has her degree in it, and after taking three courses I’ve really began to enjoy it. Before I graduate I plan to apply for some jobs. This means I will need to work on learning some other languages outside of what is taught in class. If […]
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