SBDHS Promotional Poster

Timeline June 2011 I was approached by the vice-principal to design a new poster. I created several versions (five) and from there we chose the final product.¬†Visually communicating the school’s¬†mission, service, and personality through this piece was a lovely challenge. About St. Boniface Diocesan High School is a private Catholic high school in Winnipeg, Canada. They provide a Catholic high school education to English speaking students. The classroom sizes are smaller than average which helps them to offer a teacher-student relationship as well as a teacher-parent relationship. Often their previous promotional material included images of students. This caused the material to become outdated quickly. Objectives To show visually represent the school in typography. Create a timeless piece without use of student images. Modern design that can easily be implemented. Memorable design to have name stick. Requirements Resolution of 400 dpi. Able to adapt to various sizes. Poster size of Incorporate the school logo. Include the mission statement, address, and departments. Prototypes & Design Process In the initial prototypes I attempted to create a poster with a dark background and white text, something that had not been previously done with their marketing material. To add an accent to the poster the […]
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Pure CSS vs Bootstrap

Image Source If you are a web developer or designer you may have noticed that it is becoming really easy to make a responsive layout, because making your own media queries is being required less and becoming less common. Thanks to Twitter & Yahoo we have two hugely advertised options that most designers and developers will go with. Here I am going to compare the two of them and what I personally feel the pros and cons are of them. Pure CSS Pure is a simple framework that only includes 1 file, the style sheet. Pure prides itself in being one of the smaller frameworks weighing in at only 4.3KB for the one file. Source
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