Personal Blog: Meet Domenica

Timeline May 2015 – June 2015 About Meet Domenica is a blog for web developer Domenica Burroughs (aka myself). Here she is able to write about her university experience and other topics she is passionate about. The purpose of the blog is for her to expand on her portfolio, and have a place to write about extra side projects that she may not include in her portfolio. Objectives Content to be the focus of the layout. Modern design, that includes techniques recently learned. Memorable design to have name stick. Requirements Responsive web design Run smoothly using WordPress as the CMS of choice. Match the brand of the portfolio. Easy to navigate & read on all view ports. Prototypes & Design Process The initial prototype was to have a side bar with the least amount of information which was fixed and would act as a header on the mobile version of the website. Implementation The final form can be found at the location of the blog. Here the design has been implemented using WordPress as the CMS to control and moderate content and media. With the implementation on WordPress several plugin styles needed to be added into the existing theme to […]
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Business Plan 101 – Part 3

Welcome to part three of the miniseries, Business Plan 101 Part 3. In this part we will be covering how to write the management summary portion and the financial plan. Management Summary Financial Plan Management Summary So this section is basically a single page explaining, who runs your business. Go into detail on the owner, and what makes them qualified to be doing what they are doing. This is important for investors to really get an understanding of who they would be dealing with. You may also want to include anyone else who has started from the bottom. Organizational structure is an optional sub category for this page. You may choose to explain what different positions there are within the company. This shows you have a plan in place for when you expand and begin to hire employees. Lastly a table explaining and forecasting what salary will be per year and if there will be an added on employees within certain years. I usually make this plan forecast the first four years.
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