Flyer Design Do’s and Don’ts

So this post is apart of the Building Up a Small Business series, however it takes a very different direction. Advertising comes in many shapes and forms (and don’t forget costs). The number one way to get seen is to have stunning visuals that pull the reader in and use action words to get them to call. For Adriano Lawn Care & Snow Removal I create flyers, and I print them off like a mad woman. If I hand out 200 flyers I usually get about ~10 call backs. I know this is a lower number, but 80% of those calls are clients that actually sign a seasonal contract. This makes them a potential customer for year round service and helps us spread by word of mouth.  To get better coverage next season I will be paying for them to go in the local flyers. For my personal portfolio on the other hand, my main focus is social media. I use flyers and upload them to Facebook & Twitter. Instead of using flyers the traditional way another alternative is to use them like a graphic, provided you save them in the right format. The examples above are great to demonstrate […]
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Building Up: What Equipment You Really Need

I am completely loving the series Building Up – A Small Business, but I am slowly running out of as many ideas as I had when I. Despite that I am still finding inspiration around me, so on to the next post in the series! In today’s instalment we are going to discuss what equipment you really need, to start your business. This will definitely depend on the type of business you are in, so this will be more of a how to determine what you need type of post. I will be referencing Adriano Lawn Care & Snow Removal, and possibly my template shop which I am working on opening by September. The best types of businesses are one’s you can make a lot of money in, and not invest a whole lot of money, but invest more time in. Regardless of what type of small business you run (or plan on running) you need to have some basic things. Below is a really simplified list of what you should already own and can use, or you should invest in.
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