Guinea Pig Essentials

Many of you know I am a guinea pig owner, or as Georgina put it on her caption in my interview with her, “lover of guinea pigs” which she puts in a nice way (and also really lightly, I do not think anyone truly understands the extent of my love for these fuzzy creatures). I think my obsession just gets worse and worse the more I fall in love with Valentino . So I thought for those new guinea pig owners, or those people who are want to adopt or purchase a piggy. One thing I suggest to anyone before they read this list, and I regret it is you should buy guinea pigs in twos. They need a companion. You should by two of the same gender, preferably from the same litter, however if you adopt and they are housed together you should bring them home together. In my case Valentino was housed by himself, and with his personality it doesn’t seem fair to him to give him a buddy. He is the type of piggy who likes his space. However most do not, so please considered the fact that you should definitely get two.
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5 Best Affiliate Programs

I am going to use the word best in this title, however I feel favourite is better (but for SEO purposes best was a better choice). I recently have been looking for some affiliate programs for my blog. I want to make some side cash, just to keep my portfolio and blog running, as well as possibly investing in some things for this little side business of mine. So after hunting down some affiliate programs, and picking the ones I really like (and currently have on my website) I have created a list, describing to you how they work. Every affiliate program I have chosen to work with deals with the topics I discuss in my blog, which means most of them are content writing, resume writing, business related, web hosting related, and even some paid WordPress theme sites that I truly support.
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