Small Business Budgeting 101

Budgeting can make or break your business. It truly is all about how you spend and save money. The more money you are able to make a save, compared to spend will result in a greater net profit, and money in your pocket as well as money for those want’s on your supply checklist. In this Building Up we are going to go through Small Business Budgeting 101. Budgeting is important, especially in a small business. Estimating and matching expenses to revenue is important because it helps small business owners to determine whether they have enough money. It can help them discover if they have the money to fund operations, expand the business and generate income for themselves. Without a budget or a plan, a business runs the risk of spending more money than it is taking in or, not spending enough money to grow the business and compete.
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Why Case Studies Are Important

Many more developers and designers are added case studies to their portfolio’s on featured work. You see them almost everywhere. Some really long-winded and others simple with a lot of images. Personally I have been writing case studies and saving them as PDF’s to have available for download when my new portfolio design launches. Today I wanted to explain why I chose to hope on the boat and why case studies are important. Case studies are more than just a page of examples with a five sentence paragraph. They describe your client, what the goals and objectives were at the beginning of the project, and how you went through the difficult and successful parts of the project. The review at the end is personally my favourite as it brings everything together and really show’s your potential client why you did what you did and what you think about those choices (and how you grew from them).
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