9 Things Not to Say to a Creative Professional

As an entrepreneur, there are going to be instances where you realize you cannot do it all. You will often outsource many creative parts of your business, especially if that is not your forte. The purpose of this post, is to help guide you and help you not to make certain comments. People tend to act like a deer in headlights when they deal with creative professionals. It is like dealing with your financial planner really, there are unwritten rules, or etiquette that can be followed. So below here are 9 Things Not to Say to a Creative Professional. “It’s a small project and super easy. This shouldn’t take long.” There is a reason you chose this designer, there is also a reason that you are not taking on this project on your own. You are leaving your business in someone’s hands, and if you did your research right, you have chosen someone who is capable. Please never start an inquiry email stating that this project will only take x amount of hours. Most likely it will not. There are many reason’s your designer will make a timeline. Probably because they work on other projects at the same time, and they […]
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15 Things to Do When Business is Slow

A business is never slow, let me correct that, you should never have downtime with your business, unless you are on vacation (even then you should probably check emails in the morning with some coffee). So to get some more business going, even when you may be in that awkward in-between. So below are 15 Things to Do When Business is Slow, to get the ball rolling. Write an actual business plan. Unless you took out a loan, let’s be honest, you never wrote a proper one. Do not know where to start? Read my articles here. Round up some testimonials from your favorite clients. Through email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Get new business cards. Had your business card design since the beginning of time. Why not make them look new, or check on your stock, update the information and order some new ones. Update your website. You should be doing this on a regular basis, because things always change. Update your services section, about you section and other pages you feel need some love.
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