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Since recently opening a business and going through the trial and errors of paperwork and customer service, I have decided to write my opinion and advice for others to possibly learn from. I am not a business major however I have done a lot of research and have learned a few ticks along the way I wanted to share.

With this category I have two series, the first is Building Up a series on small post about how to start off, by planning and putting it into action. The second series is Business Plan 101, where I discuss what goes into a business plan and how to break it down to write it, and format it. Soon hopefully there will be a few other mini series.

9 Things Not to Say to a Creative Professional

As an entrepreneur, there are going to be instances where you realize you cannot do it all. You will often outsource many creative parts of your business, especially if that is not your forte. The purpose of this post, is to help guide you and help you not to make certain comments. People tend to […]

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15 Things to Do When Business is Slow

A business is never slow, let me correct that, you should never have downtime with your business, unless you are on vacation (even then you should probably check emails in the morning with some coffee). So to get some more business going, even when you may be in that awkward in-between. So below are 15 Things […]

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