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The Building Up Series was inspired by my countless hours of research and reading, as I began to open a business with my amazing boyfriend Christopher. Here you can find my advice on bits and pieces of building a business that I found important. The series is to run all summer of 2015 and the schedule will change when September hits. It is apart of the Business category. If you wish to see a full list to navigate your way easier through the posts you can view the original post here.

15 Things to Do When Business is Slow

A business is never slow, let me correct that, you should never have downtime with your business, unless you are on vacation (even then you should probably check emails in the morning with some coffee). So to get some more business going, even when you may be in that awkward in-between. So below are 15 Things […]

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Flyer Design Do’s and Don’ts

So this post is apart of the Building Up a Small Business series, however it takes a very different direction. Advertising comes in many shapes and forms (and don’t forget costs). The number one way to get seen is to have stunning visuals that pull the reader in and use action words to get them […]

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