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Business Plan 101 is a really short miniseries, comprised of 4 articles and a few sub articles on how to plan and write a business plan for a small business. You can read about what each section is about, the fundamentals of each section and at the end of the series learn how to put it all together with your executive summary. Business. You can view each entry.

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Business Plan 101 – Part 4

The last bit we will cover in this four part mini-series is how to format our business plan, what it will be used for, and where to place those extra papers that are supportive of your business plan but are not key. If you are just getting here now you may want to start from […]

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Business Plan 101 – Part 3

Welcome to part three of the miniseries, Business Plan 101 Part 3. In this part we will be covering how to write the management summary portion and the financial plan. Management Summary Financial Plan Management Summary So this section is basically a single page explaining, who runs your business. Go into detail on the owner, […]

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