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Since recently opening a business and going through the trial and errors of paperwork and customer service, I have decided to write my opinion and advice for others to possibly learn from. I am not a business major however I have done a lot of research and have learned a few ticks along the way I wanted to share.

With this category I have two series, the first is Building Up a series on small post about how to start off, by planning and putting it into action. The second series is Business Plan 101, where I discuss what goes into a business plan and how to break it down to write it, and format it. Soon hopefully there will be a few other mini series.

15 Businesses You Can Start Under $100

Whether you need to start a side hustle for cash, work experience, or you need a career change and choose to make a side hustle transform into a business this list is for you. There are so many ways you can start a small business on what supplies and money you currently have. You just […]

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How & Why to Start a Side Hustle

Every business must start somewhere. For many, side hustles are a way to make extra cash, for others they develop from a hobby or passion they have, and for the very few who are courageous enough, they start a side hustle with the intention of making it their full-time job and a business. Regardless of […]

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