Our Goals Help Define Us

My gym teacher came into health class one day in grade 11, and said, “life is all about making goals, short-term or long-term they are what help us to move and push forward”. Of course he wanted to emphasize fitness goals, but as he continued the class he went on to talk about it in terms of school, careers, and personal life. These past two years I can truly say I see my life slowly but surely coming together, and that I have never in my life made as many goals as I do today. I am working towards the dream career I want, I am working towards my future with the love of my life, and I am working every day to make myself the best person I can be. I try to tell others the same thing about goals, it’s the number one piece of advice I got from a teacher and took with me. Goals are really what make us grow, we strive to be the best and do our best in order to reach that goal. Along the way with the all the triumphs and heartache, there are moments where we feel so proud and so perplexed, but […]
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8 Tips for Starting a Business

Recently about 6 months ago I started up a business with my boyfriend Christopher. We had really no clue where to start or how to go about it, and so I thought I would write my tips for starting a business regardless of the industry you are in. Of course this list must also include setting up your financial books, your legal documents if any, and registering the business name and getting a business tax number, as well as phone number, email and all those regular checklist items. I left that out from here, but I have found many useful articles using Pinterest, and I highly recommended it. Like every book and article will tell you chose a business or an idea that serves a need or a problem. Always identify your audience in this step, to really give you an idea of the relevance your business will have and it will help you later on in which steps to take next. Create your identity. This happens in two steps. Come up with a name, chose something that sticks and you feel is truly the right choice. You can always change the name later but the headaches you will run into […]
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