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Christopher and I met in 2009 on “take your kid to work day”. We talked on an off for years, and then when we needed each other the most we somehow grew closer. I am so happy to call him my best friend and my love. Now we have a guinea pig, we have started up a business and are saving up to go on our first trip together. Here I document all the exciting things the future has for us.

Our Goals Help Define Us

My gym teacher came into health class one day in grade 11, and said, “life is all about making goals, short-term or long-term they are what help us to move and push forward”. Of course he wanted to emphasize fitness goals, but as he continued the class he went on to talk about it in […]

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Peoples Jewellers Customer Service

I will try to keep my language calm as I write a post that I have wanted to put up for a while. Last Wednesday I had to go down to Peoples Jewelers at Polo Park to hand in my promise ring for a repair. Looking back nine months I am so thankful that Christopher […]

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