Introducing Valentino the Guinea Pig!

So for Christmas after much begging of my parents to allow it my amazing boyfriend Christopher bought me a guinea pig! I have honestly never had a pet before other than a fish, (which I currently have a betta on my desk named Gucci) so this a pretty new experience for me. We purchased him on a whim, because my mother had finally said yes to allowing me to have one, and two days before that we stopped into the pet store and I fell head over heels in love with the little guy. We picked up the cage and everything the same day so trying to keep him calm while we set up was pretty intimidating. I have had him now for 8¬†weeks and he has already grown, and I kind of wish he had stayed the same size from when I first brought him home. Simply because he was just like a little fluff ball.The first few days he did not eat any veggies, I guess because he had to get used to his environment but now three weeks later he walks around in his cage like he owns the place. The one thing that has started now […]
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