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My amazing boyfriend gifted me a guinea pig for Christmas 2014. I do not know what it was but the moment I saw him I got attached and automatically thought of the name Valentino. He is the little love of my life. At first he wasn’t too cuddly but he still is not today, however he gets right up in your personal space sniffing for food. He has an Instagram account @valetino.piggy where I post videos and pictures of him on and off.

Here is a collection of his adventures, mood swings and just cute moments.

Guinea Pig Essentials

Many of you know I am a guinea pig owner, or as Georgina put it on her caption in my interview with her, “lover of guinea pigs” which she puts in a nice way (and also really lightly, I do not think anyone truly understands the extent of my love for these fuzzy creatures). I […]

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My Obsession With the Cavy

Ever since December, when Christopher gifted me Valentino for Christmas I have gone a little guinea pig crazy. I have always been a cat person and will always be, however my dad is allergic to both cats and dogs, so for all of my childhood I was only ever able to have fish. I currently […]

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