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My amazing boyfriend gifted me a guinea pig for Christmas 2014. I do not know what it was but the moment I saw him I got attached and automatically thought of the name Valentino. He is the little love of my life. At first he wasn’t too cuddly but he still is not today, however he gets right up in your personal space sniffing for food. He has an Instagram account @valetino.piggy where I post videos and pictures of him on and off.

Here is a collection of his adventures, mood swings and just cute moments.

Introducing Valentino the Guinea Pig!

So for Christmas after much begging of my parents to allow it my amazing boyfriend Christopher bought me a guinea pig! I have honestly never had a pet before other than a fish, (which I currently have a betta on my desk named Gucci) so this a pretty new experience for me. We purchased him […]

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