5 Best Affiliate Programs

I am going to use the word best in this title, however I feel favourite is better (but for SEO purposes best was a better choice). I recently have been looking for some affiliate programs for my blog. I want to make some side cash, just to keep my portfolio and blog running, as well as possibly investing in some things for this little side business of mine. So after hunting down some affiliate programs, and picking the ones I really like (and currently have on my website) I have created a list, describing to you how they work. Every affiliate program I have chosen to work with deals with the topics I discuss in my blog, which means most of them are content writing, resume writing, business related, web hosting related, and even some paid WordPress theme sites that I truly support.
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7 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Picture Source Technology review day! Not sure how long I want to keep this series going, I have not had much time to really find something to recommend and judge. So since I have really gone full blown on upgrading my blog here, and trying to get it to run sufficiently. I figured why not do a  typical plugin recommendation post. I know this has been done by many but I figured maybe someone wants to know what makes the backbones of this delightful website. Backup by Supsystic Complete online backup + restoration. Manual or automate backup to Dropbox, FTP and Email. Custom backup files, database, plugins. This is perfect and works amazing, would not be able to backup as easily without it. Categories Images Categories Images Plugin allow you to add an image to category or any custom term. I am using this for the category page, which is still under construction. I wanted to add more images to the
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