Atom Editor- The Hackable Text Editor

I started using Atom Editor last year when a classmate gave me the referral link to get a download before it was released to the public. As a Mac user I love the interface, however I was not too pleased with the amount of memory the app consumed while running. Since the beginning though they have gone through several updates, and with each update it just seems to get better and better. Here are a few facts about Atom: Atom is an open source text editor/IDE, built on JavaScript/HTML/CSS It is a open source project, which can result in a faster rate of development Atom is free The app is modular, allowing the user to add in any components they feel are missing. It includes IDE features like build tools, function definition jumps, documentations, etc. Atom is entry-level hackability It runs on top of Node.js One nice feature is that they offer several themes, and they have from the start. Of course you can create your own, but if you aren’t in the mood or really do not have the time then you can easily download one of many from their website.
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Why Go Dual?

I have really high expectations for the way I want my computer and other technology to run. Maybe because I compile a lot of code and do quite a bit of video and photo editing that I want to make sure the computer can keep up with my fast paced mind. One of the new ideas I have stuck in my head is I really want to purchase a dual monitor. I have always loved the idea of having two monitors, and really fell in love when I had the chance to work for an actuarial company which had dual monitors at every desk. It makes life so much easier, and as a computer science student, the more screens the better. Currently at Manitoba Hydro, I have two monitors; one is quite smaller than the other. However the freedom of being able to reference while I work is great! I have been looking into having two monitors, so that I can hook up my desktop to it and also used it for my laptop when I am working off of that at home. So far these are my contenders that I am saving up for. Apple Thunderbolt 27″ Display ($999) […]
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