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As you may have noticed I love to speak my opinion. So why not review items I have picked up and give my honest opinion on them. Here you can find all sorts of reviews from purchased and free software, tech gear, or make up and possibly furniture reviews.

Atom Editor- The Hackable Text Editor

I started using Atom Editor last year when a classmate gave me the referral link to get a download before it was released to the public. As a Mac user I love the interface, however I was not too pleased with the amount of memory the app consumed while running. Since the beginning though they […]

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Peoples Jewellers Customer Service

I will try to keep my language calm as I write a post that I have wanted to put up for a while. Last Wednesday I had to go down to Peoples Jewelers at Polo Park to hand in my promise ring for a repair. Looking back nine months I am so thankful that Christopher […]

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