Italy 2014

I just got back from what most would say was a trip of a lifetime. It was 38 days of being away from my other half, but spending it with my immediate and distant family, as I got to see people I have not seen in 18 or less years. It was insanely beautiful, emotional and heartbreaking experience, as I left behind many I loved, but was also conflicted with the deep feeling of missing and longing my boyfriend. To be honest this trip made us stronger and next time I go back to my mother land (Italy) he will be with me by my side. On this trip I spent majority of my time in Mendicino, Calabria and the odd parts of the day in Cosenza, Calabria. For a week we went on a private tour, to see Rome, Siena, Florence, Assisi, Pescara, Bomba, Chieti, and¬†Alberobello. Then on our third week there we spent three days in Amantea to basically bask in the sun. If you want to see some of my trip it is up on youtube. I mostly vlogged so that my boyfriend could see people and place, but you are more than welcome to watch. I […]
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