Category: University

University is going to consume the next few years of my life, and so I figured why not write about my daily triumphs and struggles. Here are all my rants and ideas on a huge phase going on in my life. From just how my day went to how I feel about a course and anything in between.

University School Supply List

Since we are in August (well actually August is almost over), and university is slowly creeping up I thought I would begin to write some university posts. The first of course is my university school supply list! Here are my essentials and what I purchase every year or get ready for the year. Agenda / […]

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School Year 2015/2016

Since summer is down to three weeks and I know my university schedule, I thought I would share what courses will take over my life, and cause me stress over the upcoming months. I was extremely excited when I thought I had all day classes, that is until a schedule changes happened without notifying the […]

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