University School Supply List

Since we are in August (well actually August is almost over), and university is slowly creeping up I thought I would begin to write some university posts. The first of course is my university school supply list! Here are my essentials and what I purchase every year or get ready for the year. Agenda / Planner. I use this to mark down EVERYTHING. What lecture topics were for the day, when assignments are due, which topic we did in the lab this week, finals, grades, personal appointments, and even blogging schedule goes in here. You need to purchase a really sturdy one that fits your needs. In my widget below I have the Kate Spade one. I really like it and have purchased it for this school year. NoteBooks / Binders. I used to go binders all the way, but since I save files from professors now rather than get a printed one I use a Five Star 5-subject note-book. I usually write down lecture notes, so terms stick in my head. I take the max amount of classes so I need one notebook to hold it all together.
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7 Things I Learned as a Computer Science Student

Going into my third year in September I have learned a lot of things, some of them are ridiculous and others are quite helpful in the long run. So here is my list of 7 Things I Learned as a Computer Science Student. Never Buy a Textbook I know it is on the required list, but do not rush out to buy it and spend an arm and a leg. Google it, you will find a PDF or even an eBook for free as the first hit, and the best is you saved $100 a textbook. As you go through the semester you will notice that it just ended up collecting dust anyway because no reading assignments were given. it is more of a reference, so get the electronic version, save $500 a semester.
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