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University is going to consume the next few years of my life, and so I figured why not write about my daily triumphs and struggles. Here are all my rants and ideas on a huge phase going on in my life. From just how my day went to how I feel about a course and anything in between.

7 Things I Learned as a Computer Science Student

Going into my third year in September I have learned a lot of things, some of them are ridiculous and others are quite helpful in the long run. So here is my list of 7 Things I Learned as a Computer Science Student. Never Buy a Textbook I know it is on the required list, but […]

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Internship Interview Tips

I just had my first internship interview experience about a two months ago and well I cannot even find a word to describe how extremely positive it went. I was contacted two weeks prior to the interview through Manitoba STEP Services, who asked for my resume as a position came up and I seemed to […]

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