Which Framework is Right for You

All this talk about frameworks the past two Wednesdays, and yet we did not talk about what qualities you should look for when you chose to use one. Many businesses have their favourites and ask that you as a potential employee are comfortable around them and can work with them. In this article we are going to outline the five questions you should ask yourself when determining which framework to use on a project. Does the framework have enough popularity? Popularity will open a lot of opportunities for you personally. It will offer you support from a community that has a variety of skills and experience. It will also offer you up to date files, with glitches fixed quickly. There is also a higher chance that companies are looking for people familiar with this framework.
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5 JavaScript Frameworks You Should be Using

I decided to continue the topic of frameworks for this Wednesday’s post. Last week I wrote about the 5 CSS Frameworks You Should be Using. This week I will be discussing the 5 JavaScript Frameworks You Should be Using. Again, as I stated in the previous article the frameworks on this list are one’s that have become or are becoming an industry standard. You will often find these mentioned in the skills area of many job postings. Ember JS – Ember began in 2007, and ti’s development has been bounced around by several people. It began in the hands of SproutIt, it then was passed to Apple, and finally in 2011 by Yehuda Katz. Ember is built for productivity, and has friendly API’s. It is also advertised to help you write dramatically less code. Some pros of Ember are:
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