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Since I am a computer science student I should probably write about what goes on around me. Here you can find all things web development, as well as databasing. I write about what I learned on my own, in university, my opinions and so much more. Majority of my posts revolve around web development, and quite a bit of database creation and management since I have taken quite a few courses on that. However I hope to start writing about assembly, java, and more as I continue through my degree. Most of these topics are linked with the University category. Please feel free to request a specific topic.

5 CSS Frameworks You Should be Using

In order to survive the computer science industry (regardless of the sector you are in) you need to learn quickly and become flexible. Today there are many resources out there that are meant to make your job easier in, especially in areas you should not have to worry about. One of these is CSS frameworks. […]

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Why Case Studies Are Important

Many more developers and designers are added case studies to their portfolio’s on featured work. You see them almost everywhere. Some really long-winded and others simple with a lot of images. Personally I have been writing case studies and saving them as PDF’s to have available for download when my new portfolio design launches. Today […]

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