Introducing Valentino the Guinea Pig!

So for Christmas after much begging of my parents to allow it my amazing boyfriend Christopher bought me a guinea pig! I have honestly never had a pet before other than a fish, (which I currently have a betta on my desk named Gucci) so this a pretty new experience for me.

We purchased him on a whim, because my mother had finally said yes to allowing me to have one, and two days before that we stopped into the pet store and I fell head over heels in love with the little guy. We picked up the cage and everything the same day so trying to keep him calm while we set up was pretty intimidating.

I have had him now for 8 weeks and he has already grown, and I kind of wish he had stayed the same size from when I first brought him home. Simply because he was just like a little fluff ball.The first few days he did not eat any veggies, I guess because he had to get used to his environment but now three weeks later he walks around in his cage like he owns the place. The one thing that has started now is his biting, which depending on the day can be better or worse than usual. Part of me feels like it is because I never really gave him those few days of alone time, I pulled him out for small moments of bonding because I did not want him to become depressed or neglected, but I also feel like it may just be a phase in his personality. So with time I hope to tame him.

Christopher and Valentino have a great relationship. He can pick him up no problem, but the rest of us seem to get nipped at. I have been reading lots of articles, and they all say it just takes time. So I have patience and the belief that things will get easier. I can hand feed him and that is a key part, since apparently it means they have plenty of trust in you. This week on Monday he was not feeling very well, and ended up have some diarrhea, so I took him to the vet, for the first time, and since then everything has been going good. The struggle of feeding him his medication is getting easier, but he is a very pissed off piggy, since I have had to cut back his vegetable intake for a while. Monday he can have all the vegetables in the world! Not really, but it will feel like that for him.


If you want to see him grow you can follow his instagram. Expect many posts of my little baby in the near future.

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