My Obsession With the Cavy

Ever since December, when Christopher gifted me Valentino for Christmas I have gone a little guinea pig crazy. I have always been a cat person and will always be, however my dad is allergic to both cats and dogs, so for all of my childhood I was only ever able to have fish. I currently still have a beta fish named Gucci who I got in September right before Valentino.

My cousins got a pair of American guinea pigs when we got back from Italy. They were so darn cute and I instantly fell in love. One day while going to the pet store to get fish food, we stopped in the back to check out the small pet area. There I spotted Valentino for the first time and Christopher surprised me and picked him up. Ever since I have been in love with a fur ball.

Now Valentino is now like all the other guinea pigs, and quite frankly I think he reminds me of my attitude sometimes when I get cranky. He was really shy at first, and would be really squirmy to pick up, and it only got worse with age. Now I need a towel to get him out. Besides that he is actually becoming more loving in his own way. He runs in and out of his cage on his own and does his business in his cage, I did not even need to train him for that. His curious demeanor gets him chewing everything. Base board, trying to bite cords (though I have them all secure) and even my mothers slippers. His new favorite hobby is running out of his cage and around my bed post, then he gets tired and lies down under the bed.

He is not afraid of getting in my personal space, compared to before. If I lie right at his level he will come right to my nose and start sniffing me. It almost looks like kisses. He climbs on top of me for food, and literally attempts to eat my homework or study sheets while I study on the floor during his free time.

I have joined every Facebook group and subscribed to almost every guinea pig website. They are literally the new cats of the internet and I LOVE it.

I see all these other owners get to literally cuddle theirs piggy like it is a lap dog, and I used to get upset. but now I know that he just needs to get his attention and love in a different way, and its that him following me around my room, or trying to eat the strings on my sweater than so be it, as long as he is a healthy and happy piggy that is all that matters to me.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Aw, what a cutie!

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