One Year Anniversary

So today I celebrated my one year anniversary with my amazing boyfriend. I sent him on a day of adventures.

After my class at one, I left him a note with his first clue to a nine stop scavenger hunt. Hi first clue led him to the place we first met, a daycare. Of course it was the corny and honestly the most guessable one. I then sent him to two different parks with special meanings, and a Tim Horton’s where the whole staff knew about it, and all giggled when he walked in to find the clue under the table. From there he made it was to my old work, which was the first place he kisses me. Then to the legislature where we took my graduation pictures, and lastly his two stops at The Forks, where he stopped at a cute little coffee shop and the place where he asked me out exactly one year ago.

Being the sweetheart that he is he brought me flowers at the final destination, which from there we proceeded home to get ready for our lovely dinner at Hy’s Steakhouse.

Hy’s has incredible food, and the atmosphere is something that suites our relationship so well. We got calamari to start, he got the new york¬†steak and I chose the filet mignon. The dishes were extremely well done and the customer service was amazing, however there is always a twist when it comes to our luck. We had just received our food, and of course the fire alarm sounds off. They evacuated us from the second floor, and even a fire truck came. About half an hour later we were seated again, and received fresh meals and a $50 gift card. The customer servicing is completely above and beyond expectation there. So Christopher basically got two steaks tonight. Lucky him.

Next we heated up the car and made our way to Smith. There we sat down in the lounge, enjoyed the incredible atmosphere and grabbed a beer and a glass of wine. Honestly, 5 out of 5 for being a unique atmosphere in Winnipeg.

So that was our amazing date night, and after having one bump in the road it came out perfect.