Open Letter – Dear Nonno

Today would have been my Nonno’s (grandfather’s) 92nd birthday. The more years that pass the more I seem to learn about him. He passed away when I was 3, so my memories of him are not all there, however, I have plenty of pictures and home videos with him, so every so often if I feel like seeing or hearing his voice I get the privilege too. Today I wanted to write a post about him, almost like an open letter to him, to express how I feel about the person he was, and how proud I am to say I am his first grandchild.

Dear Nonno,

I do not remember your smell or your hugs, but I do know you face, and see it often in my dreams. It a perfect world you would still be here, so I could learn more about you and your life however in 2014 I got the wonderful experience to see your childhood home. If only I could have had more than a few hours there, but that is okay because I have promised myself I will go back. In that house was a picture of you, from the first and only time you went back to your hometown to visit your sister. We took it home with us, and now it sits in our living room where we spend a lot of time.

New Year, New Goals

Once again, another year has come to an end. It is crazy how so many things can happen in a year, and how we can change and grow, for the better. This year I have learned a lot. I want to begin this post with apologizing about my MIA status on this blog after I promised not to do so. I think posting as often as I did this summer was unrealistic with a full course load, and trying to build up a small business. However I have set realistic goals for myself this upcoming year, ones I can monitor. I find new year resolutions to be overdone, and people often choose ones that are unrealistic. I myself have been caught up in the hype before, but this year I really tried to focus in on some key short-term goals, to get a routine in place in my life.

Before I list my goals, however, I want to recap my year, my accomplishments and events that were memorable to me.


  • Christopher and I celebrated our one year anniversary, we went out to eat, the place caught on fire and we got two free plates, plus new ones. We have crazy luck.
  • Christopher went back to school, to finish his courses



  • I celebrated my 20th birthday!
  • We officially got our business name and opened up the website.


  • Christopher celebrated his 20th birthday.
  • Left my job teaching swimming for new adventures.
  • I got hired two hours after my interview for my position at Manitoba Hydro.
  • Finished my second year of university!
  • I started working at Manitoba Hydro.