School Year 2015/2016

Since summer is down to three weeks and I know my university schedule, I thought I would share what courses will take over my life, and cause me stress over the upcoming months. I was extremely excited when I thought I had all day classes, that is until a schedule changes happened without notifying the students. So as of now I have two evening courses, while the rest are bright and early at 8:00 am. Hopefully this large gap in between will not be my downfall.

I want to graduate on time next school year, so I was forced to take a max load, of five courses each semester. Since third and fourth year courses are never or rarely offered at the university and I have the option of doing them now or adding an extra year, I chose to do them now. Fingers crossed that I do not have a mental break down or put too much on my plate.


  • GEOG-3508-001 Dev World Issues
  • GEOG-1202-001 Intro Earth Science
  • GEOG-1201-001 Intro Atmos Science
  • GEOG-1103-001 Intro Human Geog II
  • ACS-3902-050 Database Systems


  • GEOG-1202L-070  Lab for Intro Earth Science
  • GEOG-1201L-071 Lab for Intro Atmospheric Sci

You may be asking why I have so many geography courses. Well to begin they only offered on Computer Science course and in order to get my minor I need to finish off these courses. If I take an additional geography course next year I will have my BA in Human Geography instead of a minor, but we will see how that pans out. There are two labs, however I know these labs will be a lot better than my computer science ones, and I already know the instructor, so I feel like I will be able to keep up this semester. Hopefully the reading is not extremely heavy.


  • ACS-3916-001 Human Comp Interaction
  • ACS-3913-001 Software Des & Arch
  • ACS-3911-050 Computer Networks
  • ACS-3909-001 Adv Internet Programming
  • ACS-3901-001 Prince of Proj Mgmt

This semester looks shorter, but it is the same course load. This will be interesting, since I have assignments as usual, but most courses have one group project. In a way I am happier to get a group project over a lab, but on the other hand I am worried about who I will be working with in these projects. In high school I was always the one who was left to do it all. Hopefully I can pair up with some people I know will work.

So that is that. If you have any suggestions about how to handle any of these courses if you have taken them or are interested and want a description let me know in the comments below. Sorry for the shorter post today, I promise next week will be better. My focus at the moment is on completing my portfolio before the end of the week, and I am getting so close. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “School Year 2015/2016

  1. Nancy says:

    Almost all of my classes are at the evening. I usually wonder if it’s because computer people are best functioned at 6-10pm XD. So you are a double major in CS and Human Geography? I’m totally digging your winter schedule ;). I wish all of my classes can be computer classes but I always have common core classes to go through @___@. I don’t really have tips besides to not procrastinate and be on top of your tasks or else things will pile up. Good luck!!

    • Domenica says:

      I guess it would be considered a double major, however one is science and one is arts, so I believe it is two separate degrees, the way they explained it to me. I am thrilled there are no labs in my winter schedule! They were really odd this year and only offered one class first semester and in the winter all the other required courses showed up. Sometimes I feel they do it so it takes you longer to graduate and you have to pay more admin fees. I finally finished the humanities credits required so now I can just work on my degrees. If I knew about the double degree sooner I would have never taken sociology and finished that degree first (3rd year and then finished my 4 year computer science degree on time. Well they will both be one time, we live and learn right.

  2. Michelle says:

    My classes are in the morning and I can only register for each semester individually, but I believe in you. Just stay focused and you can do it. If you need help, ask for it. Never be ashamed. I believe in you so much! Good luck!

    • Domenica says:

      Thanks Michelle! I wish mine were in the morning. It doesn’t matter which university I chose here it was the same deal so I chose the one closer to home. The asking for help is always a good tip. I have spent hours in professors offices asking for explanations. In the long run it pays off!

  3. Georgie says:

    When I did my Masters degree I was taking four classes a week, all at night – the degree was tailored towards people who were working full time. At the time, I was working as well so things got really hectic. I say do what you can to get and reach what you want. It is worth it, but remember not to wear yourself out. I probably wouldn’t change what I did when I wore myself out back in uni, but I would give everyone else the advice to step back and lessen your load if you don’t feel like you can cope. It’s not worth the struggle or stress, and taking time is important 🙂

    I’m sure you will do well, just remember to do what makes you happy!

    • Domenica says:

      I find evening classes to be a hassle, because there is such a long gap in between learning new material. Compared to having four in my first year I think I can handle two this year. I am still hopefully I will have one year I will not have to show up to the university in the evening. I had done another full semester and I learned what my downfalls were. Now I know what I need to do to stay on track and no overwhelm myself. I just cannot see myself in university for an extra year, especially when I have the opportunity with a really good (not stretched out time wise) schedule. Thanks for all the advice Georgie!

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