Top 5 Places to Eat in Winnipeg


Places to Eat in Winnipeg


Christopher and I went through a huge phase where we went on a restaurant eating spree last year. This year we have tried to choose places that are new to both of us, and yet limit our spending on going out to eat. I figured for today I would write my top 5 places to eat in Winnipeg so far. This list will change, and I will probably make a new one by this time next year. Anyway let us get to the list. I should clarify this list has to do with food, there are no beverage or desert places on this list. I will make one of those lists in the coming weeks!

Note: There are no chain restaurants here. I wanted to choose local restaurants that are not anywhere else. As much as I love Hy’s and the Keg I wanted to keep it extremely local. 

Pizzeria Gusto – This is a contemporary eatery that offers upscale Italian mains, creative pizzas & select wines. They have an actual wood fire oven, built properly. This is the closest I have gotten to pizza I have eaten in Italy. Sadly it is a high-end place, so the portions are smaller, and the bill can rack up quite quickly. On the plus though they have a patio and it is great for date night. it gets loud because it is a smaller place, but if you want a lively environment this is your place! Christopher has not been here yet with me, hopefully we will go in the upcoming weeks, like I have planned in my head.

Sushi Plus – I have been to some higher-end sushi restaurant, where you actually get to sit on the pillows to eat. However I finally got Christopher to come with me, and we went to Sushi Plus, really close to home. It has been our go to place to quickly get our sushi fix. I usually get the dynamite roll, and I try a new roll, and Christopher gets his sweet and sour pork, spring rolls, and other items they offer here. It matches us because we both get what we want, and for a really good price. They are super nice here too and the service is fast.

Pete’s Place Family Restaurant – The best burger I have ever had been from here. They have amazing home-made french fries. They are Greek, so they have Gyros and Slovakia. They have huge portions, but it is to worth it and for a really good price. Any time I want an amazing burger I come here.

Mona Lisa – Family-run restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine and providing catering service. They have great home-made pasta. I worked in another Italian restaurant, but there was something about their food, that felt more like Italy. They have really traditional things you cannot find in too many restaurants. They have a great wine list too. We went here for Valentine’s day. It was really cute how they had it set up. I would totally go here again.

Carbone Coal Fired Pizza – Different from Pizzeria Gusto, they have coal-fired pizza. It is a different taste but [pretty amazing. The portions are slightly bigger, and it has a different yet similar atmosphere. There are two locations here, I have been to both. They are both smaller but even though it gets loud you still feel like it is just you with your significant other here. Great if you are looking for a different type of pizza with real Italian sausage as a topping, and amazing bocconcini cheese. I usually get the Pepino pizza here.

I have a few places on my hit list, that I want to get to and have not yet. Here is my list.

  • Tre Visi
  • Amici
  • Hermanos
  • Carnaval Brazilian BBQ
  • Teo’s & Mano A Mano

In the comment below tell me what are your favorite places to eat, or if you have any places similar to the ones we have here in Winnipeg.

What places are your favorite to eat at in your city/town? 

  1. July 26, 2015 by Nancy

    If I ever come to Winnipeg, I’ll have to refer back to this guide for some tips ;). Local restaurants are awesome, that’s how we keep businesses unique to the town.. But it’s under the condition that their quality and service is up to par :). I don’t remember if I went to a sushi place were we sat on pillows before… I remembered the chair looked like a couch to make you feel at home XD.

    While living at school, my favorite place in town is a Japanese restaurant, which is specially local. It’s a bit pricey but the quality is worth it!

    PS. I don’t know why my comment name comes out as my username….

    • July 27, 2015 by Domenica

      Quality over quantity is my opinion always! Unless you have a really high metabolism. Oh I am so judgmental when it comes to trying a new restaurant, especially working in one for four years, if service is not superb I really won’t recommend the place.

      That would be due to jet-pack, because it is probably using your WordPress information so you do not have to constantly type your email and website. I wish I knew how to change that, but I do not want to mess the plugin up./ Your names shows though when you hit comment.

  2. July 29, 2015 by Michelle

    Bethany’s! It’s a local Vietnamese place that serves good food and Boba tea. Love it, so much! I like to go there a lot, honestly, and it’s no chain either. It’s just one shop that is extremely popular! I’m glad that I live closer to it.


    • July 29, 2015 by Domenica

      Very nice! I have never been for Vietnamese food, I will have to add it to my bucket list of restaurants. 🙂

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