University School Supply List


University Supply ListSince we are in August (well actually August is almost over), and university is slowly creeping up I thought I would begin to write some university posts. The first of course is my university school supply list! Here are my essentials and what I purchase every year or get ready for the year.

Agenda / Planner. I use this to mark down EVERYTHING. What lecture topics were for the day, when assignments are due, which topic we did in the lab this week, finals, grades, personal appointments, and even blogging schedule goes in here. You need to purchase a really sturdy one that fits your needs. In my widget below I have the Kate Spade one. I really like it and have purchased it for this school year.

NoteBooks / Binders. I used to go binders all the way, but since I save files from professors now rather than get a printed one I use a Five Star 5-subject note-book. I usually write down lecture notes, so terms stick in my head. I take the max amount of classes so I need one notebook to hold it all together.

Padfolio. I Got a decent one for free from my summer internship position. Personally though I wanted to upgrade it, and so I am looking into buying a neutral toned one (besides black) and the shape I like for in the future when I have meetings and interviews. This is perfect for fourth year students, finishing up university and also great for business students, or the student who doesn’t need a whole lot of writing room.

Writing Utensils. Pens, pencils, high lighters, white-out and everything else under the sun. I usually have plenty from the year before to sue the following year. I purchase the fine tip pens. I cannot write notes fast enough with medium. I think it is a head thing. Fine tip is actually hard to find, but it is pretty easy too on Amazon. Let me know your favorite utensil brand/make to write with below!

Textbooks. These I grab for free online (like I mentioned before in & Things I learned as a Computer Science Student), and I try to buy used from previous owners who advertise on Kijiji. You do not need a brand new book. That is always worst and last case scenario. I purchase by semester, and not for the whole year. So you can resell books in-between and make some cash before you buy another one.

An external hard drive/flash drive. Every student needs one of these. Even if it is just to back up your laptop. Saving papers, work, and assignments is extremely important, so you should have a USB or external hard drive to back up your files too. I have two computers so the bigger the hard drive the better for me.

Sticky notes, flags & Cue Cards. Perfect for those moments you want to save something in a textbook and not ruin the resale value. Perfect for studying terms and other items that are more about memorization.

Large School Year Calendar. I put this on the wall in my room, as a constant reminder for what is coming up and what needs to be done. I have a reusable laminated one, and so I can just wash it off. If you need the structure in your life, this is a perfect way to get started.

You can find all the items I have recommended here on Amazon!

Reusable Items

  • Clean out my laptop/USB. I zip up all old classes, remove files that are all half done and no longer needed, and set up folders for the new school year stuff.
  • Clean out my school email. I get rid of notices from old classes and emails that are not important to keep.
  • Clean out my backpack/laptop purse. Cleaning all those paperclips out that are lying around, and re-organizing pens and other back pack / purse essentials.
  • Start a new school playlist. I usually start a new playlist for the bus ride home and there. I also have a study playlist.

So hopefully this helps you to not over spend on school supplies. There is always a discount somewhere to be found, and you might as well use items around the house you have not used up yet. So comment below what are your favorite school supplies to purchase, and how do you keep yourself organized for the year.

  1. August 28, 2015 by Holly

    I seriously miss going shopping for stationary ready for going back to school/college/uni. However, I have bought myself a fancy notebook ready for the start of my new job because I really feel like there is going to be a lot to learn.

    When I was at uni I never bought a new textbook. Like you I got them online for free or bought them super cheap of eBay second hand. It saved me a fortune.

    • August 31, 2015 by Domenica

      I love using my notebook or agenda basically for everything in life. I purposely pack it in my purse (if large enough that is).

      In my first year I made the mistake of buying my a few new textbooks, one of those Java, so that I wasn’t a terrible purchase, but definitely way overpriced. I basically spend like 70% less now because most of the computer science ones I need I can find online for free. Have you ever tried Abe Books. I LOVE that site. I got a $200 book for $11.00. 🙂

  2. August 30, 2015 by Georgie

    I know people don’t always like to rely on or use the cloud, but you can do that for backups too!

    I tend not to buy stationery anymore but that is perhaps because I have finished studying. The most I need is a notebook and a pen. I do a lot of my organising digitally, for example calendars (so I can use invites to send people a calendar invite). I don’t really trust myself to carry around everything I need! 😛 I still have an obsession with notebooks. I love starting new ones.

    • September 01, 2015 by Domenica

      I use the cloud to backup my websites, but when it comes to home movies, I want that stuff backed up on my personal external hard-drive.

      I think I remember you had quite the collection before. Like I am taking way back in the blogging days, and most of the stuff you had not used. Notebooks are always useful, I rarely find I completely finish them though, so I end up ripping out the last 20 pages for scrap paper to make notes on while I work on a website. I like sending out homemade invitations. Probably because I have a fun time designing them.

  3. August 30, 2015 by Kristine

    I miss shopping for school supplies. I noticed as I transitioned from didactic education to my clinicals, the need for true organization has dwindled. I also keep my old notes from first semester of grad school in my hard drive for immediate access in case I need to look back on old notes rather than keep in my external HD. Which reminds me, I still need to clean up my desktop as it is cluttered with files!

    • September 01, 2015 by Domenica

      I think the further we go into our education, the less supplies we use. This year I only really picked up a notebook, whereas other years I picked up a whole lot more stuff. I am in the middle of cleaning my desktop and laptop. I did not think I accumulated so many files over the last year. Keeping old notes it a great thing to do, it can really be a useful reference in the long run.

  4. August 30, 2015 by Uglyfish

    Like Holly, I miss shopping for stationary for uni. I’m lucky in that every time I get to work on a new show I can buy all my stationary again =p It usually gets ‘borrowed’ by actors but at least I owned it for a while! I have two 8gb flash drives, but I’d really love an external hard drive. Maybe I’ll splash out and get one very soon!

    • September 01, 2015 by Domenica

      I usually check boxing day for sales, because external hard-drives are so cheap after Christmas for some reason. Usually my pens get taken because I like to splurge on them. I am not surprised that the notebooks end up in someone else’s hands.

  5. August 31, 2015 by Kya

    They are really great tips that would help a lot. It’s good to be organised, especially when you’re studying. Thanks for sharing. 😀

    • September 01, 2015 by Domenica

      Staying on top of things at the beginning of the school year will definitely help when it is finals. I am glad you enjoyed the article Kya!

  6. September 08, 2015 by Michelle

    I am telling that a planner saves a life, seriously. You can record all events and assignments that need to be done. The rest of the list is spot on as well. I’m glad that I got myself a planner. It’s so great.

    • October 05, 2015 by Domenica

      I have been LIVING off of my planner these two months into university! It is hard for me to find a good one, but I also hate to spend a ton of money on one.

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