Welcome to the temporary home of my new blog! I am hosted with the amazing and is hosted with Host my Heart. This is my fresh start, a place for myself to just blog about the things that truly matter in my life. I honestly can say I missed blogging and having the same domain name for five years, I finally realized I needed a change, because I wasn’t the girl who picked that identity anymore. I needed something that reflected the new chapter that has begun in my life. Since university has just begun and my life has been dramatically changed with new people entering and some leaving I needed a fresh start.

I registered this domain at, on _____ and officially opened the website today.

Below is some information on my previous websites and history of the blogging world.

Previous Domains was registered at I won the domain in a competition at during Christmas in 2009 when my blog was hosted with Kya. The name comes from one of my favourite book series the Hunger Games. I read the book when it first came out and have admired it ever since. was my first site after creating a fansite, I only had the site for about 4 years will I was hosted by Kya with the same subdomain. I never actually understood why I chose that name. Looking back it is pretty hilarious.


My history in web designing goes back a few websites/years. I found an interest in it when I was surfing the internet around the age of 14. The first sites I saw were based on the Jonas Brothers dealing with graphics or just fan sites. After browsing and exploring different styles I decided to try to create graphics. They turned out horrible. At the time I thought they were amazing. Once trying that and realizing I was not that great I wanted to try and do the actual code-design part of a website, so I did.

I created my first fan site for the Jonas Brothers. I started out with site builder on webs, and after finding Cassie at NerdyMusic-Graphics, I asked her to create a layout. After looking at her coding I had decided to read up on it and create my own layout. I analyzed so much coding that the simple sites I made back then seemed too simple, so I challenged myself by creating another site, a personal blog, called Vintage4Eternity. I grew up even more then and I really liked blogging so I kept it up. After a while I decided to close the fan site and work on a personal site.

I then began looking for a free host to upgrade from my webs site. After being reviewed by a site that was hosted on a subdomain I decided to look into the host, and I fell in love with the community, so I sent in an application form. My blog had only been on webs for 2 months when I got accepted for hosting and I started working right away.

I opened up and since then have I found many people who are going through the same things in life and share interests as I do. Then in the new year I won a random draw at bubble. Once again I had to make the decision of a name. After reading a series called The Hunger Games, I decided to name the domain after a part of it.

After owning the domain for five years, and loosing interest in it I decided I needed a change, and here we are. A fresh new identity for the newest chapter in my life.

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