Why Case Studies Are Important

Why Case Studies Are ImportantMany more developers and designers are added case studies to their portfolio’s on featured work. You see them almost everywhere. Some really long-winded and others simple with a lot of images. Personally I have been writing case studies and saving them as PDF’s to have available for download when my new portfolio design launches. Today I wanted to explain why I chose to hope on the boat and why case studies are important.

Case studies are more than just a page of examples with a five sentence paragraph. They describe your client, what the goals and objectives were at the beginning of the project, and how you went through the difficult and successful parts of the project. The review at the end is personally my favourite as it brings everything together and really show’s your potential client why you did what you did and what you think about those choices (and how you grew from them).

  1. Case studies focus on the customer, and can show other potential clients, why your previous ones chose you over others. Besides the website it can bring your project to life, in a way someone may not think when they view a regular portfolio. They also show how your services is used in various industries. It will remove the redundant email of what the plan is and why things do what they do.
  2. Case studies demonstrate success, and also your trials. It can be used as a tool to show your client that you are willing to continue to learn and face every challenge with a strong will power. It shows that as an individual you are responsible and independent, that you can work through issues sufficiently.
  3. You’ll learn a lot. This is your time to reflect about your work. If you are a freelancer it may often be the case that you do not really get to evaluate yourself, where you are going and how well you are currently doing. In an office setting there are yearly, monthly, or project by project reviews. This gives not only yourself a chance to reflect, but also your employer. But without the office there is really no one to check up on you, so that is for you to keep up with.
  4. Case studies allow the brands you work with to back you up. You should usually ask at the beginning of the project if you can write a case study. Scratch that not ask but rather let them know you desire to and see how their reaction goes. Most companies will not have an issue. When it is complete, show them and ask them what they think. Many of them will even give you a testimonial, showing that your word is proven by others. it is a nice way to show you appreciate their business, and that you know they appreciate and acknowledge your hard work.

What formats do people make case studies in? They put them on their blogs, PDF’s, videos, and info-graphs. It all depends on how you want to spread your message and also the type of project you are reviewing.

You can write them yourself or hire a professional. Personally I feel like it is better if I write them, as I went through the entire process, and am able to reflect better in writing than answering questions for someone else.

You should put your most recent case study in a visible place, and make it known that it is the most recent one. I will be displaying mine in a section on my home page which will lead the user to the gallery where they can view them all. For smaller one’s I will be posting them here on my blog. You can expect in a few weeks to see my sample and a download for you to write your own case studies. So as usual I leave you with a question.

Do you have case studies for your portfolio? In what format? Why?

  1. July 29, 2015 by Elena

    Thank you for the tip 🙂 I have not yet really had to write one, but I will keep it in mind for projects that might come. Can’t wait to look through yours and see a sample.
    I would also probably write them and save them as a pdf format. It just seems like the easiest solution to me.

    • July 30, 2015 by Domenica

      No problem Elena! I feel like people underestimate the value of case studies, they just put up and image and a link to their work. I have one done so far, I will be writing about 6. I will definitely posts links to them here once they are done.

  2. August 03, 2015 by Georgie

    I try to detail the client’s needs when I write about the projects I have worked on. I am not sure if I would put heaps of effort into a case study’s appearance but writing all the details is important. At present I just have a few lines on my portfolio with some detail, but a more in depth analysis could be helpful xD

    • August 04, 2015 by Domenica

      I think it all depends on what type of audience you are looking for and the type of project. For most of mine there was a process behind them and that is why I am writing some case studies up with design boards for them. I feel it will also help in the long run for job opportunities. I will definitely not do a case study on every item, I plan to do the unique ones that showcase more skills.

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